The Latina Tag! 

In light of the success of the talented Puerto Rican baseball team, I have decided to do the “Latina Tag”! Felicidades a el equipo de P.R.! Que orgullo!

1. What is your nationality? I am an American of Puerto Rican descent. All four of my grandparents were born in P.R. and my Dad was born there. My Mom was born in NYC.

2. Do you speak Spanish? Yes! And I am so thankful to my parents for teaching me Spanish. Fun fact about me: Spanish is my first language. From the day that I was born, my parents chose to only speak to me in Spanish. I eventually learned English in school. From Kindergarten through 8th grade I was in a dual language program- one day English, one day Spanish. I loved it! Eventually English did take over and I have a slight accent in Spanish. But I am praying for it to disappear soon!

3. What is your favorite dish from where you are from? My favorite dish has to be the mofongo or pasteles or arroz con guandules… too many options… oh just give them all to me!

4. When was the last time you visited? I last visited Puerto Rico for the Christmas/New Year holiday in 2009. However, I am so excited to be going in May for my 1 year wedding anniversary!

5. If you’ve ever visited your country what is your favorite place to visit? El Morro. I love going there because the view of the ocean is breathtaking. I immediately begin to imagine what it was like in the 16th century. I also love learning about the history of Puerto Rico.

6. Have you ever visited the capitol of your country? Yes. San Juan is beautiful! My favorite place is El Viejo San Juan. I love the history. The cobblestone streets, the museums, the restaurants, the little shops… it’s perfect!

7. What is your favorite dessert from your culture? Quesitos de guayaba! (Sweetened Cream Cheese and Guayaba Pastries).

8. What town is your family from and what do love most about it? My Dad and his family are from Trujillo Alto. My Mom’s family is from San Juan and Mayagüez. I am hoping to learn more about my Dad’s town on my next visit.

9. What haven’t you visited in your country that you want to visit? I have never been to Vieques. Vieques is an offshore island of Puerto Rico. I hope to visit it one day!

I would love to read about your country or island! Please feel free to leave your comments!


Con amor,


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